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Staff members of newspapers, magazines, electronic media (news platforms) and TV stations have access to the free picture offers on The pictures in this database are free of charge for exclusive use in the press!
With this registration you declare that you have read and agree with the Terms of Conditions of the World Economy Forum. All user who log-in or download pictures with the copyright note automatically accept the Terms of Conditions of Swiss-Image GmbH!

pdf downloadQuickguide to the new image database
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Features = Selection of Photos (not all photos must be in the Feature!)

  • Features (Teaser boxes) can show all existing photos of a library or only a part of it!
    Mainly Features show only a selection of photos added by an editor. To see all pictures start a regular SEARCH.
  • The search for photos in Features is a visual search. Our editors try to add here the best photos.
  • Features may change every day depending on news situation.

Search works like Google!

  • Use the search field and add words and numbers like you would do on Google to search for names, sessions, years etc.
  • Sample:
    You are looking for pictures of session 121 during the Annual Meeting 2007. Please enter:
    Search field: s121 2007 (then enter or click on OK)
    Just one space between different search words or use extended search with AND, OR or NO.
    Note: All sessions of the past years are named with s001 to s250 and the year, so they can be found with this combination.
  • Sample:
    You may combine search words for a specific session and a name.
    Search field: s045 2009 Miller
    The search result shows you Mr. or Mrs. Miller captured 2009 during the AM Session No. 45.
  • Advanced users may use the Advanced Search and work with the more sophisticated search.

Using the Lightbox speeds up your work!

  • Orphea offers you an individual Lightbox (users with same user ID and IP may face a problem!). Add pictures of your choice to the Lightbox by clicking on the icon _/ (thumbnail) or on “Add to Lightbox”.
  • If your selection is complet (max. 20 pictures) you may click on “ZIP” and follow the download instruction. All photos are in one ZIP file and this file has to be unzipped after downloading.
  • Close your Lightbox selection by clicking on X
  • Make sure that you have downloaded your selection before you are ending the session.

Downloading photos is very easy

  • To download a selected picture just click on the download icon ^\ (thumbnail view) or on “Download now” (preview view), choose in the pop up “Hi Resolution” download and safe the file to your computer. There is not “right click” necessary.

Time out kicks you out!

  • Whenever you don’t work in the photo base for a longer time, the server puts you to a time-out status. This means you are still in the photo base but you have lost your status as a legal user. As a guest user you may see and search for pictures but you have no rights to download pictures. You have to login again! The time is about 45 minutes. The best way to get familiar with the new photo base is to play around!

pdf downloadFrequently asked questions about the new image database
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Question: What's new about the image database from the World Economic Forum?

Answer: The Orphea image database is one of the world's most advanced media database systems. It combines simple, intuitive operation with a high-performance search engine. A Google-like or visual search procedure, simple image download, and download of several images in one single ZIP file are further advantages of the new image database. The first steps:

  1. Language selection in the database - German and English are available for selection
  2. Special tabs allow the authorized user to access different image archives directly from
  3. So-called features, or image collections, allow media representatives and other partners to find image suggestions for a particular topic, or even entire selections of images. Warning: In the case of larger image archives such as the one of the World Economic Forum, only selected images will be shown in the features. It will take an image search to find all the available images. A feature is opened by double-clicking it.
  4. As a rule, 12 features are displayed on the home page. Further pages can be selected from here

Question: How can I view and download all images on


  1. Your password provides access to one or more image archives. Select the one you want - by clicking on a tab if necessary - and set limits to the archive selection using the input field.
  2. The standard for depicting images is the mosaic form. Image number and title are displayed underneath the thumbnail.
  3. Smaller thumbnails - meaning more pictures - can also be displayed if desired. A comfortable review is possible with the list view option, which also shows the image legend. While working with the images, you can freely switch between viewing modes.
  4. Users with full download rights will find three icons under each image. These icons stand for the following functions: preview mode, download and addition of the image to the lightbox (shopping basket)
  5. The temporary lightbox is used for the interim storage and preparation of selected images prior to download. The lightbox opens automatically when an image is added to it.
  6. Images in the lightbox can be processed as follows with these three icons : delete, display the lightbox images in the main screen area, and download all image files in a ZIP file (the various JPEG files are downloaded in one single file). Once the ZIP download is complete, the compressed ZIP files must be "unpacked" ("unzipped") on the user's computer for the images to become visible.
  7. Clicking on HIDE closes the lightbox window.

Question: I've entered my user name and password or logged on using a PHOTOlink, but not all the archives have become available for searching.


  1. Your password only gives you access to the archives assigned to it. You may therefore be able to view and download images of a particular session, but not other ones. Some image databases have restricted access rights (see 1)
  2. Accredited media (registration>>) generally receive a so-called "global password" from the World Economic Forum, which allows them access to the image databases of the World Economic Forum.
  3. Nearly all of the image archives may be visited using guest access.

Question: What is the simplest way to look for images?


  1. Probably the easiest way to find images is the visual search within a feature. Simply browse through a feature and click on the hook symbol if you want to add a picture to your lightbox.
  2. Use one or more keywords to search for images. The input field at the top works just like the one in Google. Two words are automatically linked using the "AND" search function. The search is started by pressing Enter or clicking "OK."
  3. The image search can be limited to one image archive. Manually select the archive area. Otherwise the search will be applied to all the archives you are entitled to access. Tip: Use dates frequently when working in the event image archive. Example: If you are looking for current images from a session, enter the current session number like s129 and the year. Example: Search for Klaus Schwab at the Annual Meeting 1999 enter: Klaus Schwab 1999 and use Enter.
  4. If you are already an experienced archive user, you can make use of the full range of search functions using Boolean rules under "Advanced Search."

Question: I have never downloaded images. What do I have to do?


  1. The image download using our database has never been easier. When viewing a thumbnail, click on the middle icon (square with arrow) or open the image in preview mode (click on the thumbnail). The preview mode will show you the magnified image as well as the image legend and other information.
  2. Click on "download." A pop-up window will appear.
  3. Select the desired resolution. As a rule you will want to click on the second download option: hi-resolution. Generally, the images will be available to you at a resolution of 4096 to 5120 pixels (print A2 at 300 dpi)
  4. Click on this hi-res box. A further box will appear with a "Save" option. Click on "Save" and select the storage location for the image on your computer. Confirm your selection, and the image data will be downloaded.

pdf downloadTerms of Conditions for the Image Database
Download as PDF

The World Economic Forum publishes high resolution pictures on the Internet as a media service. This service is provided by
After the individual registration at every entitled media partner receives a global or individual password, that enables the access to the entire or parts of the picture archive of the World Economic Forum.

  1. Global or individual passwords are only allowed to be used within the same editorial office. Apart from this group, further circulation of a password is prohibited.
  2. The download entitled medias (newspapers, magazines, tv-stations, news websites) and partners are allowed to publish pictures, that they have got from the in their publication in the editorial part without paying a fee, as far as the general conditions of the World Economic Forum are not broken in any way.
  3. Pictures of the World Economic are not allowed to be manipulated nor is it allowed to falsify the meaning of the picture in an image manipulation program. The central sense of the picture is not permitted to be changed. 
  4. The download entitled medias and partners receive with the download the permission to publish the picture(s) once in the editorial part of their publication.
  5. Every published picture must carry the by-line (picture World Economic Forum/photographers name) or (photo World Economic Forum). By-lines reading (picture made available by/ courtesy of) or (picture media service) are not acceptable.
  6. It is forbidden to duplicate the pictures of the World Economic Forum for commercial use. It is also forbidden to trade the pictures, to circulate and sell them to photo agencies or to store them in a digital or analogous picture archive in order to resell them. News websites may not make any picture available for download (ftp or http download); pictures may be placed on the website with editorial content with a maximum size of 1024 pixels (longer side of image).
  7. The use of World Economic Forum pictures is prohibited for any other purpose (advertising, internet) without written permission from the World Economic Forum or the copyright holder (photographer). The copyright and any other right of the pictures and texts of remain in any case at Swiss-Image GmbH, the SI partner or/and the originator of the pictures.
  8. Any misuse of World Economic Forum pictures will lead to an access stop to – media photos, in consequence to civil action under article 61 ff of the copyright law (Urherberrechtsgesetz URG) as well as a charge under article 67 ff URG. 
  9. Everyone who logs in the photo base of the World Economic Forum with an user name and a password or gets other access to the picture archive of the World Economic Forum and downloads one or several pictures, automatically accepts the general conditions of the World Economic Forums’ photo base.
  10. The judicial authority is Cologny, Switzerland. Swiss law is applicable.

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